St.Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church

Waterford Ireland

Church Choir

Syrian Orthodox Church is proud of its worshiping heritage. It is through the worship that the faith, tradition, and practice of our fathers are transmitted down to the generations. So, we realised the necessity of beginning a church choir.

In the preliminary stages, practices were held weekly and focused primarily on Qurbono songs. Following rigorous practice for a month and a half, the choir became ready to lead all songs during the Holy Qurbono. The choir continues to create and learn new tunes for the Holy Qurbono and also has learned several christian hymns for evening prayers.

Now, the choir is an integral part of our worship. We lead the Church throughout the service by making it more devotional and melodious with the beautiful songs of the Orthodox Syrian tradition under the leadership of our Vicar Fr.Biju M Parekkattil and Choir leader Mr.Bobin Varghese .